Baby Caravan provides holistic support for families, from pregnancy through returning to work postpartum.



Doula Services

Starting at $800

Postpartum Doula


Starting at $45 per hour

Back to Work Coaching

Starting at $160 per session

There is no part of our mind, body or spirit that goes untouched during childbearing years, yet each and every family has unique needs.

We’re a group of Birth Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Postpartum Doulas, Lactation Counselors, and Postpartum Back to Work Specialists based in New York City. We’re Baby Caravan because we navigate you forward, through the ever-changing and highly personal landscape of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.


Lactation & New Parent Support Group

Join us each Tuesday 10:30am-12pm in Park Slope, Brooklyn. {learn more}



Introducing Postpartum Back to Work coaching -- no pants required.

Join one of our online classes.