Birth Doula Services

Baby Caravan Birth Doulas are highly experienced childbirth professionals offering a broad range of support and advocacy for families before and during childbirth. We’re here to answer your strangest questions, to tell you what is normal, to truly get to know you, and then to truly listen to you -- all with the goal of increasing your comfort, decreasing anxiety, and emboldening you with evidence-based birth information. 

Our focus is on your holistic health and confidence embarking on this journey. We’ll discuss your vision and concerns about birth, the range of pain relief and delivery options, and create a compassionate, customized birth plan. Our team is experienced with home-births, twins, IVF, surrogacy and single moms.

Baby Caravan Doulas are:

  • Trained by professional organizations

  • On-call 24/7

  • Equipped with doula partners as back-up

Baby Caravan Birth Doulas Packages start at $800

Learn more about how we work with our clients during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


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