Samantha, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Samantha became a birth nerd shortly after she flew to her home state of Texas just in time to witness the birth of her niece, Jetta May. Soon after, she reached out to a local childbirth educator and found a home at Natural Beginnings NJ, where she taught HypnoBirthing and co-facilitated a support group for women who had experienced difficult and traumatic births. During her time at Natural Beginnings she trained as a Postpartum Doula with Birth Arts International and spontaneously served as a birth doula for a few HypnoBirthing clients. Samantha attended Brookdale Community College and completed her Bachelor degree in Women's and Gender Studies at Columbia University. Upon making Brooklyn her new home, she began her birth doula training at Ancient Song Doula Services.

As a labor and postpartum doula, Samantha's care involves laughter and compassion to help balance the intensity of the perinatal period. She focuses on understanding the desires and needs of each family to provide care that is truly helpful. Because being a New Yorker means living far from family, Samantha enjoys bridging the gap to create a comforting and safe environment where new parents can flourish.

The deep relaxation session with Samantha was super helpful for me in the most difficult moment of my pregnancy: I was overdue and getting really stressed out about it. Although I hadn’t met Samantha before, from the first moment she gave me an impression of somebody I can trust and tell all about my anxiety. The effect of the session was a long-lasting one: I was able to be calmer for another week of my pregnancy, and then I used the relaxation techniques she taught me during the labor. They were priceless and I don’t know how I could have dealt with the pain without them. Before meeting with Samantha, I didn’t expect that an hour of guided relaxation could change my attitude so much, but it did!