My journey as a doula started in 2009. After my first experience attending a birth, I was hooked. I consider it an honor to be part of this intimate moment and am inspired by the growth that I see families undergo as they become parents. My commitment to you as a doula is to guide you in this very special time helping to inform your natural instincts in preparation for your birth and life with a newborn. I do this with compassion, warmth and integrity.

My practice combines a very rational, evidenced-based approach to birthing with a holistic focus on the body-mind connection. I am very analytical and like to study how the body works during pregnancy and birth to support my clients with non-biased information so they can make their own decisions confidently. I also have a deep respect for the ability of women to birth intuitively when they feel safe, loved and calm.

My certifications include:

-       Advanced Doula Certification candidate, Manhattan Birth, 2018-2019

-       Evidence Based Birth Professional, Rebekka Dekker, 2018

-       Certified Hypnobirthing Doula, Maeva Althaus, 2018

-       Birth Doula Training, DONA, 2009