Karen, MA, Postpartum Doula

Karen has a Masters Degree in Parent-Infant Education and 20+ years of mothering experience with her own three children. She is a certified foster care parent for children ages 0-3 and has been working as a postpartum doula on Long Island since 2008. She has spent the mothering years growing with her children, learning from them and from other mothers.

Karen is involved with the Mothers' Center in Long Island, a program of Mom-mentum, a non-profit organization of mothers supporting mothers whose mission is to engage mothers personally, enrich them professionally and empower the m through public policy. As a Mothers' Center facilitator, she works with new mothers developing and encouraging a judgement-free zone where women can get the support they need during all types of transitions in their lives. She is hoping to create opportunities for expanding these mother-to-mother discussion groups to Brooklyn.

Karen absolutely loves creating similar environments within the home; encouraging healthy communication and connection in families. Karen provides guidance, validation and a model for nurturing that parents can use throughout their lives as parents...both in nurturing themselves and in nurturing their children. She thoroughly enjoys the inspiring work of individualizing postpartum doula support for families caring for infants.

In and around caring for infants and families, Karen takes care of herself by spending time with friends, exploring new parts of Brooklyn with her husband, doing dreamwork, reading, and taking long walks in the park.