Francie, MS and MEd, Birth Doula, & Hand Expression Educator

Francie Webb is a mom of two who lives in Harlem, NYC. She decided to become a birth doula after experiencing two transformative births, the first, a beautiful hospital birth with the support of a doula, and the second, an accidentally unassisted home birth when her birth team, including the same doula, didn't make it on time. You may have seen the photo of her giving birth the second time - it went viral and can now be seen all over the world. Francie believes that birth can be an empowering experience for anyone giving birth, no matter how it happens. Francie spent fourteen years as a middle school teacher and loved every minute of it. Francie is the founder and CEO of TheMilkinMama, a small business dedicated to teaching hand expression of breast milk, and the author of the highly-reviewed book Go Milk Yourself: You Have Power. Express It! She believes in helping parents have more power, more freedom, and less stress. Francie loves her two astonishing children, being outdoors, yoga, meditation, reading, writing, traveling, spending time with friends, date nights with her husband, and any opportunity she gets to relax with her family. Also she loves BIRTH, including all that comes before and after. Francie graduated from Duke University and earned Masters Degrees from Pace University and Bank Street College of Education. In addition to an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant - she’s currently in training), she hopes to become a midwife one day.

Having Francie as part of our birthing team was an invaluable experience and I would without a doubt want to work with her again or refer her to any of my closest friends. Her warm personality, strong knowledge of birthing/pregnancy/lactation, and passion for the job are what made us feel like we were in great hands.

Francie empowers her clients to advocate for the birth they want without being pushy, overbearing or fear mongering. If necessary, she is willing to be an active advocate and is not meek or shy about pausing the situation to take a moment and better assess, or speaking up if need be. This was an important doula trait for us as we did not want a wallflower who was solely and emotional coach. Moreover, France gives her clients the tools they desire through information (articles, videos, websites) to better inform themselves about the many decisions throughout pregnancy and birth. The information and advice she provide allow her clients to achieve the birth they desire and form their own opinions.

Francie always availed herself in a timely manner - whether by text or call - she was always there for us. What is also incredibly powerful is her knowledge of lactation and her network of incredible resources (lactation consultants and others in the field). She is an incredible listener, is organized and truly committed to her clients. Even after our birth she continued to follow up with us and check in on me, the family and our baby. She is an incredibly kind, warm and fun person with great energy and passion for this job (what you want in my opinion!). We were so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her.
— Carrie B., Darien, CT
You know how people ask if your mom/sister/close female relative will be in the room when you give birth? And how there’s only maybe 25% of the population for whom that would *actually* be a good idea? Francie is like that close female relative that you would truly want in the room, as well as during your pregnancy and postpartum. We were so so glad to have her. My birth was a planned Caesarean, and she was super encouraging, enthusiastic and non-judgmental as we were planning everything out. I was lucky to be able to have her in the OR and she was incredibly calming and supportive. It made a huge difference in how I remember my birth experience, which was pretty amazing. Her warmth and spirit are what set her apart; we would hire her again in a heartbeat!
— Marta W., New York, NY
Looking back to the time when I gave birth to my son Jack, I can not thank Francie enough for her support during that special and stressful time. My doctors were specializing in natural birth, thus they really insisted on me spending as much time as possible at home during the first phase of labor instead of heading to the hospital right away. I had 3 hours labor at home before I arrived to the hospital. Once I arrived to the hospital, I was completely dilated, and it was too late to do the epidural, so I just pushed the baby out. The whole thing took me 1.5 hours at the hospital. It was my first baby.

The initial 3 hours before the hospital were the hardest. The labor was progressing very fast. Francie tried different things to find the position for me that would allow me to tolerate my labor. Sitting on a toilet ended up to be the best position for me. I would take a breath during the break between the contractions and then head to the toilet once I felt another one approaching. Francie was pushing me on my shoulders and we both vocalized together opening our mouths as wide as possible as it seemed to help me to ride the contractions. She was monitoring the contractions and speaking to my doctor at the same time. She was very good in supporting me verbally during that time of pain, so that I could hang on just a little more.

Once the doctor told us to come to the hospital we took an Uber. I was having contractions non stop - at the elevator, at the lobby, at the car - Francie would always find the positions that would help to ease the pain. She was absolutely at my service, giving me water, talking to me and screaming with me at the same time. She was indispensable. In the Uber I was sitting on the back seat and Francie was utilizing the seat belts to help me manage the contractions.

At the hospital we started pushing pretty much right away. She was feeding me jello and giving me water at all times - for some reason I really needed it. She encouraged me to push and supported me during the pushing. Once the baby was born she helped me to latch him on my breast right away, which made it a nice transition for him.

She dealt very well with my fiancé during the whole time; they worked very well together as a team. She also was patient and good at communicating difficult messages, such as the fact that there would be no epidural. I honestly can not imagine my birth without her. I really needed her and demanded her during that process on so many levels. She made it more manageable.

After the birth she came to visit us at our house in Connecticut and consulted me on breastfeeding among other things, which was very helpful too.

I highly recommend Francie because she is very knowledgeable, flexible - will work with you to find what works best for you, physically and mentally strong, has great poise and communications skills, and you can trust her. My fiancé and I are forever grateful to her.
— Elena T., Norwalk CT