Birth Doula Services

Baby Caravan Doulas are here to support you wherever you are at in your pregnancy and childbirth journey.

Each family is unique, and we look forward to learning about your desires, vision and needs. We have experience with natural births, medicated pain relief options, and planned caesarean births. Our team is experienced with twins, IVF, surrogacy, moms in partnership and moms who are single. 


"Sometimes you need a guide as you negotiate the twists and turns of this road you are on-- someone to tell you what is normal, someone to listen to you, someone to coach you and be a rock for you, always with the goal of increasing your comfort, decreasing any anxiety, and empowering you with information and education."

At Baby Caravan you can expect:

  • Doulas who work either in pairs of two and share an on-call schedule so the client knows both doulas, or doulas who work solo with "just in case" back-up in place.

  • Doulas who are trained by a professional organization
  • Our Doulas are on call for you 24/7
  • Compassionate, evidence based doula care, focused on what’s most important to you.
  • Support, guidance and reassurance for hospital births with or without medication, scheduled cesarean births, un-medicated homebirths and every option in between
  • Rates range from $1200-$2400

Birth is inherently vulnerable; it is also inherently natural.

The body is deeply wise and instinctive; it knows exactly what it is doing.  It is the mind that often finds itself muddled and frightened by looming unknowns. To birth is to trust. It is to let go, allow, surrender and relinquish control. To feel free to do this, a mother needs to be supported.  She and her partner need to be heard, understood and validated on an elemental level. They need to feel safe in the deepest sense.


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