Beth, birth doula

Born in Oregon, Beth has lived in many places nationally and internationally but has been happy to call Brooklyn her home for almost 3 years. She is a birth doula and is currently in the process of obtaining her Birth Doula Certification from Carriage House Birth. In Autumn of 2019, she will be completing her CLC Training and Childbirth Educator Training, on top of a training in Spinning Babies, and couldn’t be more excited to dive deep. Beth’s first impulse to pursue birth work was spurred after attending an Art of Hosting course in Sweden, where she began studying methodologies of radical space holding. Since completing her training, Beth has held and facilitated Women’s circles in Sweden and beyond, while working as a specialty coffee educator in New York City for the past 3 years. In addition to her background in facilitation, she studied classical music at the University of Glasgow and Portland State University and is a practiced comedic improviser.

After attending her first birth last winter, Beth was completely taken by the presence of birth, as well as her capacity to support and witness the experience unfold. Beth wholeheartedly believes that all birthing persons are deserving of, and possess the ability to birth with dignity and joy in their own unique, powerful and mysterious way. By providing evidence-based information, combined with her knowledge of healing touch, space holding, and comfort techniques, her aim is to provide care which is as individual and special as the birthing person themselves.