Sophia, Birth Doula

Sophia is a Birth Doula who lives in Inwood, New York. Originally from Atlanta, GA, she came to New York to attend graduate school at the Manhattan School of Music. After several years of performing as an opera singer, she decided to leave that career because she was moved to help women. Her own pregnancy brought the height of a powerful and life-changing birth experience; but it also brought the crushing low of facing workplace discrimination just for being a mom. Both experiences convinced her that she needed to be a part of a bigger movement to empower women. She did her doula training with DONA International just a few months after the birth of her son and jumped right in. Since then, she has helped dozens of families achieve the birth experiences they want and enter parenthood confidently with this as their base. She has also gone on to do additional classes and trainings in the Bradley Method, comforting touch for birth, lactation, and holistic newborn care. 


As a doula, Sophia strives to help every family feel supported, informed, and confident to achieve the birth that they want. She believes that having a positive birth experience truly makes a difference in the way new parents feel as they enter into their new role as parents. With a maternity healthcare system riddled with holes, Sophia hopes to help fill in those gaps. Your experience matters!