Edna, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Edna is the rare combination of power and poise, in the most gentle of packages. Security, compassion, loyalty, and an adventurous spirit are unifying themes of her life. She brings her nurturing spirit and her sense of humor to everything she does in life.

Born in Jerusalem, Edna grew up in a close circle of friends and family, where women gathering to share their wisdom and cook together played a major role in her life. Meals were more than substance, they were a means to bring people together, to relax, and enrich relationships. Today, one of Edna’s greatest pleasures is to cook for her friends and new mothers, often using recipes influenced by her Mediterranean background and travels throughout Europe.

After studying Psychology at the University of Tel-Aviv, true to her brave and adventurous spirit, Edna came to New York, where both her professional and personal lives took root and flourished. She worked initially in the health care industry where her skills of organization and dependability were highly honored. She knows the boundless pride and love of raising beautiful young adult daughter in TriBeca, and worked tirelessly, side by side with organizations and other mothers to create its vibrant and thriving local parks and schools.

Edna’s life-long interest in the connection between physical and emotional health inspired her to become a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula with DONA International. Edna is also certified and trained in Hypno birthing, and since 2009, she has encapsulated over 250 placentas as a Certified Independent Placenta Services Provider. In her doula circles, Edna is affectionately known as “The Placenta Lady”.

As a trained gymnast and athlete, Edna also brings her knowledge of body, offering techniques to improve fetal positioning and a less strenuous delivery. She is eager to share Eastern holistic methods and practices to support a relaxed mind and body during pregnancy and birth. She enthusiastically shares comforting touch massage techniques for pain management. Edna’s rich background and training, in combination with her deep commitment to empowering women during pregnancy and motherhood, ensure that under her care, couples are devotedly aided and supported in achieving the unique birth experience they envision.