Margot, Postpartum Doula, Back-to-Work Specialist,
CBC and CPR Instructor

Margot holds an MEd in early childhood development and education and worked as an educator and then a marketer for a variety of companies in NYC. But, after her first child was born 5 weeks early, Margot realized that her true calling was to help other parents transition confidently into the crazy world of parenthood. Margot's deep passion is guiding new families through the often unplanned for aftermath of bringing a baby home - and thus specializes exclusively in planning for and postpartum care. Whether a mom needs someone to hold her baby while she showers or sleeps, a dad needs someone to show him how to grocery shop with his brand new tank-of-a-stroller or the family simply needs someone to talk to about their experiences as new parents, Margot's goal is to help the family flourish.

Margot is a trained postpartum doula, certified breastfeeding counselor (CBC) and CPR instructor who brings her own personal humor and joy for family to her work. Margot's own unique birth experiences (one premature vaginal delivery and one full-term footling breech c-section delivery) help her support with a wide variety of families. She provides truly non-judgemental support and specializes in offering practical tips and tricks, coaching to ensure a happy, relaxed family unit, premature infant care, c-section care, transitioning to and from work, as well as the special experience of having two (or more) under two.