Malika is a full spectrum certified  doula and completed 45-hours of lactation counselor training.  She became a doula because she believes that providing holistic services to women and birthing persons is pivotal to developing strong communities.

Malika’s doula style is centered on building  a safe, empowering, non-judgemental relationship that honors the needs of her client. She is empathetic to the fact that birth is a beautiful, challenging process that is ripe with uncertainty.  Hence, she supports her clients in setting intentions for their birth while leaning into flexibility.

Malika has worked in the education and public health fields for over a decade, and was called to birth work after witnessing the negative health outcomes of mothers and children who did not get the care they needed before, during, and after birth. Malika is excited to be apart of a birth movement that is actively working on building social structures that  promotes and protects a person’s ability to parent. She is a perpetual learner and advocate who spends her time challenging the status quo and building more inclusive systems that truly foster community. She is also proficient in Spanish.

When Malika is not doing birth-work, she serves as a part-time adjunct professor teaching Community Health and Nutrition. For fun she enjoys doing yoga, being in nature, attending church and meditation sangha, dancing to salsa on one, soca, afrobeats, merengue and bachata. She also enjoys cooking healthy cuisines from all over the world and having thought-provoking conversations with family, friends, and random folks throughout NYC.

Malika was extremely knowledgeable and available during my pregnancy and even after labor and delivery. She provided constant support to us during labor with counter pressure massages, helped me find positions that would better facilitate the birth process and she was super encouraging when labor stalled and helped me make very difficult decisions. She also made sure that the doctors and nurses took very good care of us by asking the right questions and asking for more time when pressure was present. She provided helpful tips and information when I needed guidance and helped both my husband and I welcome our son Leonidas into the world. We are grateful and forever indebted to her! I highly recommend her and would want her to yet again, be a part of our journey if we were to decide to have another baby.
— Plinideris Echevarria