Maddy, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator & Pre/post Natal Fitness Specialist

Maddy is a passionate Birth Doula and a dedicated Childbirth Educator. She was born and raised in Oregon, where she became a DONA Birth Doula in 2010 & ICEA Childbirth Educator in 2015. She believes every family has the right to a positive birth experience. As your doula she will assist you to achieve this through education and preparation. She supports any style of birth where the family is making choices based on knowledge of alternatives.


In 2016 Maddy relocated to NYC for personal growth and business opportunities. In addition to her birth work, Maddy is a Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist offering mindful fitness education & training. She trains clients privately both prenatally and during postpartum as well as teaching group classes at FPC (Fit Pregnancy Club).

Maddy’s Mantra: Your Pregnancy is a Wellness, Your body is wise, Trust yourself.

Where do I begin, just upon meeting Maddy, I felt like I had known her for years. She has this way about her that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. When choosing Maddy to be my doula, I knew that she was loving, caring, companionate, and educated. While she was my doula for both of my pregnancies, labors, and postpartum times, I never felt judged and always felt supported no matter the day or time. Maddy gave 110% of her time, love, and knowledge; thanks to that, I (or we) are forever thankful and hold her dear to our hearts!
— Valerie Marshall