Lola Lorber is a birth and postpartum doula certified through Doula Trainings International (2016) She grew up in NYC and has lived here her whole life – except the four years she spent in Ohio, at Oberlin College studying film production and gender, feminist, and sexuality studies. Lola has been providing childcare services (babysitting and tutoring) since she was 10 years old. She is easy to talk to, has a great sense of humor and fantastic with expectant parents, newborns, and new parents.

She currently resides in Clinton Hill,Brooklyn.

In Lola's birth doula practice she is calm and compassionate. She is gifted in balancing the energy in a room and knowing when to calm things down and when to lift things up. She has advocated for all her clients and strives to assist them to achieve their best birth! She is certified in Hypnobirthing for doulas and trained in Lamaze childbirth ed. Lola offers her birthing clients massage, counter-pressure, and a non-judgemental ear to bounce ideas off of. She is a certified lactation counselor (CLC) and loves to talk about breastfeeding prenatally. She is available to support you and your baby on whatever breastfeeding/feeding journey you choose. In Lola’s postpartum practice, she wants to insure that the new parents are able to enjoy a nap, a hot shower, and a nourishing meal in a tidy home. Lola gently guide you through the transition into parenthood by providing you with evidence based information on infant care and giving your family the support and comfort you all deserve.

Lola is CPR and First Aid certified and is often attending new workshops to continue her education to expand her knowledge and further support the families she works with. Recently she attended a "Comforting Touch for Doulas" workshop with Yiska Obadia (a massage therapist and doula). Lola has worked with families in the LGBTQ community, single mothers, and lower income families. She's supported a large range of births: unmedicated and medicated, inductions, caesareans, and VBACs.

 When not doing birth work, Lola is doing comedy with her queer improv team, acting in shorts, or hanging out in a park somewhere in Brooklyn!

Lola was simultaneously my baby & my caretaker as well as a knowledgeable professional to consult all things baby, breastfeeding, and postpartum health with, and she did all of this while making our whole family feel extremely comfortable and encouraged. I never felt like she was there to remind us of our deficiencies, but rather affirmed us, giving us courage and confidence. She is extremely fun and easy to be around and someone who is very “in tune” with people and their needs and is able to match their level of energy right where it is in the moment. We will forever be grateful to her and for Baby Caravan for connecting us.
— Diana, Jung & Baby Mark