Kim is deeply committed to honoring and preserving every woman’s choice in motherhood and recognizes pregnancy, along with childbirth as the most profound journey in a woman’s life with power to transform her forever. She has a unique ability to quickly form warm, genuine connections insuring the weeks leading up to your birthing day will be filled with sharing you expectations, fears and concerns easily.

You will feel nurtured and supported from the moment you begin working together and will grow in confidence along the way with her valuable knowledge, commitment and guidance. She will enthusiastically fill in any lingering questions or gaps you may have from your childbirth and newborn education class and reading. She is a Bradley Method couples mentored & trained Doula in addition to actively and eagerly continuing to keeping current with the evidence based information you will need to help you courageously prepare for your body and your baby’s optimal "natural" birth. She welcomes you to explore all possible and available childbirth options for your chosen setting you may not have imagined including which medical procedures or interventions you may or may not feel comfortable with. She understands the value and importance of choice and being prepared emotionally and intellectually for any unexpected tests, procedures you or your baby may require before, during or after your delivery. She will ensure that you and your partner are able to effectively communicate with your care providers to insure your wishes are honored.

Kim is especially sensitive to the needs of postpartum mothers and the importance of physical and healing after birth. She is a Certified Lactation Counselor and passionately offers an abundance of breastfeeding and newborn education, local professional resources and knowledge to insure your transition home, as a new family is as comfortable and stress free as possible.

She is a highly experienced  DONA Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Counselor and Holistic Newborn Specialist with the added benefit of skills and wisdom as a Certified Kripalu, Prana Yoga Instructor.  She spent the majority of her personal and professional life studying Eastern and Western modalities of health, healing and wellness at iconic holistic learning centers in NYC, Paris, San Francisco and the Bay Area. She is affiliated with the Sacred Pregnancy Movement and is a Certified Lamaze Childbirth Educator and avid Doula mentor.  

Kim will support a variety of birth options equally with the same devotion, dedication and respect and be an exceptional match for a particularly fearful or "high-risk" Mother. Her goal as your doula is to help you feel strengthened, honored and empowered with the hope you will use these skills and knowledge to share with your family and community.


Anyone can train to do this work but we believe Kim is called to it and is doing what she was put on this earth to do; take women by the hand and usher them into Motherhood. We can’t recommend her highly enough.
— M & K