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I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Lactation Counselor and Hypnotist. I was drawn to birth work through curiosity and intrigue. I could not have anticipated the beautiful, empowering nature of birth and all it encompasses. I extended my practice to teaching HypnoBirthing after doula-ing my first HypnoBirth. It was then that I became wholeheartedly convinced of the power of the mind-body connection during pregnancy & childbirth.

As your birth doula I combine visualization & breathing techniques, positive affirmations, light touch massage and rebozo. Providing nonjudgmental support and evidence-based knowledge, I work professionally around your care provider and advocate for your birth preferences.

In 2017 I lived in Tel Aviv, Israel where I led reproductive health workshops for people in various stages of their reproductive journey. I am born and raised in NYC and hold a BFA in Painting from Rhode Island School of Design.

I am honored to support expectant parents of my home city!


Isabella was invaluable to our labor, delivery, and postpartum transition. Her commitment to always continuing her education and research impressed me the most. Approaching childbirth for the first time can be daunting. With expertise in the methods to support mothers best, Isabella gave me a tremendous amount of resources, attentive care and confidence. I honestly cannot imagine having gone through labor and afterbirth without her by my side. I would hire her again without the slightest hesitation.
— Pamela, NYC
Looking back on the recent birth of our first son, my wife and I are in total agreement that Isabella was an invaluable member of our team. Her steady, calm and compassionate manner guided us not only through the laboring process, but also though the prenatal and postpartum phases as well.

Throughout the process, Isabella was supportive and knowledgable, and listened to our wishes while making sure that we were able to achieve our goal of having a natural childbirth. From the initial prenatal visits, Isabella shared much knowledge and tips for an unmedicated approach to labor. During labor she guided us through contractions the entire time with amazing natural pain relief methods that helped massively!

The labor, delivery and the recovery processes was shortened tremendously by hiring a doula, and we could not have achieved what we desired without the support. My wife and I will always cherish the support Isabella gave us on our most special day!
— Jerrell & Will, NYC
Our family is so grateful to have had Isabella as part of our birth team. With her help, we were able to achieve our goal of a 100% medication free, natural birth. It was absolutely the greatest experience of our lives. Birth is hard work and Isabella was there to help and support us the entire time. She had various methods that helped me throughout labor including different positions, essential oils, and hydration reminders that kept me going.
Isabella also educated us through our meetings before and after the birth - she is incredibly knowledgeable and I found our meetings enlightening. She opened our eyes to things that we didn’t know or wouldn’t expect in preparation for having a natural birth in a hospital setting. With her guidance, we knew how to manage the hospital staff to achieve the birth we wanted. She was incredibly helpful afterward as well and checked in regularly to help with breastfeeding positions and baby wearing. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula who wants to have a natural birth experience (or whatever type of birth you would like to have!).

Isabella is passionate about birth and she loves what she does - that really shines through. Birth is a deeply personal and rewarding experience and we are so thankful to have shared it with Isabella.
Isabella was the reason we were able to have the unmedicated birth we wanted in a hospital setting. Without her emotional support, I was ready to ask for an epidural, but she gently made the right suggestions to get us through the most difficult humps of labor.

She also was able to respect and honor the decisions we made with our care providers when we needed to adjust our birth plan to accommodate shifts in baby’s condition.

Her hypnobirthing expertise ensured we were well-prepared on birthing day and mentally grounded when labor commenced.
— Devon, NYC