Our Corporate Services

Baby Caravan offers businesses new ways to support their employees who are expecting a baby before, during and after their parental leave.

We help companies create attractive benefit packages to recruit more female employees, support their employees as they become mothers and fathers and progress in their careers, lower the company’s postpartum attrition rate and become more family-friendly.

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You know your business and your employees best, but when it comes to supporting women and men as they transition into parenthood and back into their careers, we are the boots on the ground with over a decade of experience working with new parents.

Our ground-breaking program Back-To-Work Coaching has given us great insight into what women expect and need when they return back to the work force.

We are the experts you need when researching and implementing any of the following:

  • Designing new parental and family leave policies.

  • Helping companies and organizations prepare for New York State Family Leave in 2018.

  • Deciding on what/where is the best ‘pumping room’ set-up.

  • Onsite pregnancy, newborn care and back-to-work support and workshops.

  • Coaching women and men as they return to work after the birth of a child.

  • Doula and lactation support for new and expecting mothers.