Baby Caravan provides support for families & their babies through birth & postpartum doula services

Whether this is your first or 4th baby, the physical and emotional journey you are on is profound. Everyone needs a different kind of support during this period because everyone’s needs are unique.

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Clients Say...

From our initial meeting, Jen and Sasha were a reassuring force in our birth journey. Both Jen and Sasha have a wealth of knowledge and connections that helped us feel as prepared as possible to welcome our first baby into the world. We could not recommend Baby Caravan enough for anyone looking for help in making their birth journey a beautiful and memorable experience.
— Rebecca, Brooklyn, NY

Baby Caravan Doulas


Baby Caravan serves all Brooklyn home birth and birthing center facilities, including: The Brooklyn Birthing Center, Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, NYU Lutheran Hospital, and others in the surrounding area. Read more about our services here.


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Brooklyn Birthing Center

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Sarah Eichler, IBCLC


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A Child Grows in Brooklyn

Clients say ...

I want to send you [Samantha] a profound thanks for everything you did for me during my birth. Your presence was so comforting and calming. You provided comfort to me in so many ways with your breathing techniques and calming oils. Your knowledge of the labor process was amazing. You knew just what I needed at all times! My husband was so relieved to have you there with us. Having you there took so much pressure off of him, that he was actually able to relax and provide me with emotional support. There are no words that can really explain how amazing and awesome you were and are!
— Amita, Brooklyn, NY
When we first met Marni and Leigh we knew we had found our doulas ... We just felt comfortable with them and that turned out to be really important. I just remember feeling a renewed sense of calm when Marni joined us on the night I went into labor. I’m glad we had someone with us we could trust who could coach us through the whole experience and feel so lucky that we got to share those first moments of our daughter’s life with Marni.
— May 2016