Talking Back-to-Work with Mitera

Have you heard about Mitera? They design and create gorgeous, chic, yet functional clothing and accessories for moms. Founded by Yoko Shimada, she spent the last 15 years working and traveling throughout Africa and Asia as a global public health specialist. Four years ago, her life changed forever with the birth of her son and she immediately began to feel the pull of juggling her professional life with the demands of motherhood. Mitera was born out of Yoko’s desire to look fashionable, and feel beautiful, yet dress practically for the demands of motherhood as a professional.

Mitera’s dresses are versatile in that you can wear them through pregnancy, and after giving birth. Plus they have hidden side zippers to make breastfeeding and pumping easily accessible.

This past week we were featured on the Mitera blog, chatting about practical tips for both mothers who work from home or for themselves, and mothers who are returning to a traditional office after maternity leave.

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Jen Mayer