What is a Fertility Consultant?


Today on the Baby Caravan blog, we are beyond pleased to feature the following post written by Leyla Bilali of Fertility Together. Leyla is a Registered Nurse and Fertility Consultant. She helps families through the maze of fertility options, with compassion and support.

I believe that a nurturing, knowledgeable partner can make all the difference as someone navigates his/her unique path to fertility. In my 9 years as a registered nurse, 6 of them in pediatrics and the 3 most recent in fertility, I have learned how to make healthcare more comfortable and understandable by inserting my compassion, humor and reliability. The medical world can feel very stiff and scary and we often need a shoulder to lean on to get through it. This is especially true for fertility patients as they are usually in a vulnerable state to begin with. Whether you are simply curious about your reproductive health, ready to take action via egg freezing or struggling with infertility, it doesn't get much more emotional, raw or intimate than this. And because of this intimacy it's often hard for people to talk about it. We are doing much better as a society in terms of lifting the taboo on fertility but we have a ways to go!


First of all, what is infertility? Technically speaking, infertility is categorized as 6 months of trying to conceive at age 35 and up or 1 year of trying to conceive at age 34 or below. Now, emphasis on the world technically - New Yorkers especially know that sitting and waiting is not ideal, much less when you're waiting on something so important and for some, vital. It's ok to want to know what's going on and to get evaluated.


How do I know where I stand? There are a few blood tests that can gauge your reproductive health and often a reproductive endocrinologist will look at your reproductive organs as well. Navigating these various results and findings are where I come in - the jargon and lingo can definitely trip you up and send you into a Google tailspin. Sometimes the anxiety of this part alone can prevent patients from seeking further knowledge and/or treatment.


My services combine emotional support with medicine that's within my scope of practice so that you can have it all in one place, in one person - because, for example, injections aren't just unpleasant pricks and consent forms aren't just signatures. When you have a consistent and reliable go-to person that you trust it's a huge weight off your shoulders. And the fertility world is a pretty huge weight!


I have been fortunate enough to recognize my calling at the suggestion of some of my most dear patients. I thought I was supporting them, medically and emotionally, and instead I was the one that was rewarded ten-fold with a great business idea. They helped me realize that combining exceptional nursing care with unconditional compassion is my forte. I can provide what is often missing in this journey - personalized care, continuity and consistency, proper education, more availability and endless encouragement. I am here to support and guide you through your fertility journey based on your own personal needs. Think of me as your personal concierge patient advocate!

About Leyla Bilali, RN, BSN


Leyla Bilali, RN, BSN is a Fertility Nurse and Fertility Consultant. She attended Columbia University School of Nursing for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and Emory University for her Bachelor of Science in Biology degree.

You can learn more about Leyla on her site www.fertilitytogether.com

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