Planning to Breastfeed

Planning to Breastfeed? Here’s a List of Items to Have on Hand 

Preparing for the first few weeks home with baby is so important and vital to help create as smooth a transition as possible. After 9-10 months waiting to meet your baby, it can be hard to imagine the day will actually arrive! But arrive it will, and we’re here to help you prepare for those first few weeks with your little one. So if you’ve found this list while you’re pregnant, awesome. This post is for you!  

This list was created by Baby Caravan Doulas and CLCs from our “professional opinions” but also from our own personal experience as moms who have breastfed newborns. It’s so helpful to have a go-to list of items that will be truly useful once your baby is here. There’s a lot of focus and attention on the baby’s gear and clothes, rightfully so! But it’s just as important to focus on items for YOU. It’s great if you order items ahead of time, or put them on a registry for gifts. Although you can order things as you need them, it’s really nice to have one less thing to do once baby is here. We have no affiliation with the companies listed below, we just find them to be great products! 

For breastfeeding: 

-breastfeeding pillow (Boppy or My Breast Friend

-Lansinoh Gel Pads 

-Lansinoh nipple ointment 

-other nipple cream such as Earth Mama Angel Baby

-adjustable nursing bra/tank. The Bravado is very popular 

- reusable breast pads like Bamboobies

- A hand pump or some education around hand expression for possibly engorgement in the very early days, as using an electric pump in the early days could contribute to the problem.  

-The number of an IBCLC or CLC to reach out to if it hurts or if you have questions! The sooner the better. Even reaching out while in the hospital or in the first days home can get you off to a great start or confirm that you're doing a great job! 


For pumping: 


-bottles (order a small selection to try out, everyone has a different preference) 

-the “newborn” or "slow flow" nipple 

-extra flanges, extra pump parts such as the valves 

-pumping "hands free" bra


For cleaning: 

-area to air dry bottles  

-scrub bottle brush 

Medela cleaning wipes

-gentle cleanser (many people like Dapple


For storage: 

Plastic freezer bags for breast milk, or if you are don't like to use plastic, many moms are using 4oz glass mason jars. 

We hope this list helps you as you prepare to meet, nurse and care for your baby. If you ever need help or assistance, feel free to reach out. We have CLCs on our team who are happy to come to your home for a consult, assistance, and education. 

Jen Mayer