We’ll “DOULA” You Back-To-Work

The idea of a doula is usually associated with women and families planning a home birth or a birth in a birthing center.  Sure, home births and birthing centers are great, and doula’s love to support women in these types of situation but the true idea and philosophy of a doula is way different than the image that is usually cast in people’s minds.

For instance, most of the clients we support through labor have hospital births and are very upfront with us that they would like an epidural during labor.  What they want from us and what they get from us is SUPPORT. 

Also, have you ever heard of a postpartum doula?  We’re the ones who greet you and your family when you get home from the hospital – the really scary and trying time.  We help new families adjust to their new role with no judgment and no agenda - just a soft, educated, confident professional there to care for you while you care for your baby. 

And really – that is what a doula is all about.  Offering our clients patience, understanding, non-judgmental support and education - who wouldn’t love a little of that.

This is the base level from where we created our Back To Work Support, for new mother leaving maternity leave.  

It is amazing how much support women get when they’re pregnant from their doctors or midwives, their family, partners, co-workers and even strangers.  But as soon as the baby arrives it seems the air in the support balloon starts to deflate.  It goes from songs of congratulations, presents and champagne, to “when are you coming back to work” in three months flat and there isn’t a professional out there ready to support these women – until now.

Baby Caravan has taken the ideas and philosophies of what it means to be a doula and started to support women as they return back to work after maternity leave.  Most of our sessions are one-on-one where we go over all the fears and apprehensions women have about returning back to work. We help them come up with a solid plan so they can be as successful as possible when it comes to running a family and working full or part time starting from day one. 

A lot of the work we do centers around women’s fears of pumping at work and losing their milk, how to partner with their partners, figuring out child care, dressing their postpartum body, sleep and TIME MANAGEMENT. 

There are so many misconceptions women have about going back to work – one of them being that they need to keep the same household responsibilities they were doing when they were on maternity leave and the other is that they should be “ready” to go back to work by three months.

We really help women sift through their feeling about leaving their babies, returning to the workplace, being a wife and a mother and lots of other really great stuff.

Last week, we launched our new Corporate Maternity Services as we look to grow our back to work program and bring the support directly to women (and men) in the comfort of their offices before and after they go on parental leave. We are convinced that this is the new wave of support for women in the workplace and that if we don’t take support to this level, mothers will have a significantly harder time living up the their true career potential.

So hopefully next time you hear the term “doula” you wont think of only home births but of women supporting women as they make one of the biggest transitions of their lives.

Jen Mayer