Little Mothers Helper and Rebecca Egbert

We are so thrilled to share with you this wonderful project our colleague Rebecca Egbert in Minneapolis is launching TODAY on Kickstarter. Little Mother's Helper is a beautifully designed deck of cards and app blending both standard physiological happenings in a woman's body after childbirth with a connection to deeper pieces in her life. Baby Caravan had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca about her work and this project. Read more below, and support the Little Mother's Helper Kickstarter Campaign today!

Hi Rebecca! Thanks so much for taking some time to chat with Baby Caravan today about your new project! Since viewing the sneak preview we are so excited for your deck of cards!  We think they are not only brilliant, and so helpful for postpartum moms, but also gorgeous!

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RE: Oh my gosh, thank you so much for having me! I love what you’re doing for women and moms in NYC, it’s a treat to join you.

BC: What was your inspiration behind creating this deck?

RE: My first inspiration was on a plane ride, and a stack of research papers on postpartum health. I got through two papers before I had a lightening moment. One research paper said when women are given a “self-care” kit when they leave their clinic at 6-weeks postpartum more women on average are likely to seek health care for help if they’re struggling physically, or mentally. When I read the numbers, a little voice in my head said, “Make a deck of cards for moms on all things that will help them with their health in the first year after having a baby.” So it began.

Another core inspiration is that there’s so much nobody tells you about before becoming a mom, and I want to demystify that…a lot. I am lucky everyday to have had the experiences with moms that I’ve had as a midwife, and I truly believe we (as a health care system) can do better for women. This is my next attempt to help, and bring more access to care to women.

BC: How do these cards tie into your work you do with moms?

RE: That’s a great question! Quite a bit of the content are activities I’ve used with clients over the years. Once I saw them having positive effects in their lives, over and over again, I had enough proof the health info could help more women. Little Mother's Helper blends the standard physiological happenings in a woman’s body with connection to the deeper pieces in her life as a mother. It’s cool stuff!

BC: What’s your wish for moms in the United States?

RE: Oh gosh, my wish is so big. My wish is to help and improve the life on one mother so she will go out and help another mother who’s struggling, because then you have two healthy moms in a community. Then, we empower those two women to go help two more moms until they’re healthy and thriving, then those women go out and help more moms…and so on. As you see, there becomes this broad wave of women getting stronger and healthier throughout communities. Ultimately, we building strong and connected communities in cities across the country. That’s my one wish for moms in the U.S.

BC: Where did you find your designer? Her work is incredible.

RE: Maddy Nye, oh man, I was obsessed with her for years! She’s actually a neighbor, down the road. A friend of mine works with her and I asked for Maddy’s email. Then, we had coffee and it was kismet. Not only has she turned out to make the magic of these cards come to life through design, she has been my stronghold and partner-in-crime for all things Little Mother’s Helper and with the Kickstarter campaign. What I love about Maddy is she’s invested in the project, and really wanted to help make a cool product that spoke to women like you, me and herself. I got WAY more than I even dreamed with Maddy, she is good medicine!

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Support moms everywhere and back Rebecca’s Kickstarter campaign today! You can do that here: Follow her on Instagram (@themotherlove) and make sure to sign up for the Little Mother’s Helper newsletter at for events and get support — in a flash!

bio: Rebecca Egbert is the CEO and Founder of The Mother Love. A Midwife for 10 years, she is a tireless champion of moms and has specialized in Women’s Health for 18 years. Rebecca’s leading a new wave in maternal health, bringing a dynamic, holistic approach to fill a void in postpartum and postnatal care. She lives for joy, love, and high vibes; and rubs that energy off into the world every single day.

Jen Mayer