Breakfast Fuel for a Busy Mama

For a new mom (or any mom), the morning can be a tough time starting the day. Especially if you and babe were up in the night or if you have somewhere to be. Coordinating the baby's schedule with getting out the door can be a complicated dance of fancy footwork.

After I tired of eating a fast breakfast of orange juice and baked good friends had brought over I knew I needed a healthier, less sugar filled alternative. Even better if there were super foods involved and oatmeal- a known lactogenic food. Plus, I've cut out dairy for my gasey breastfed babe, so that was a factor as well.

That is how I developed this tasty, quick if prepped ahead, whole food breakfast. It's easy to make a big pot once at the beginning of the week which will last you to Friday. Or as I do, make it twice in the week.

1c Steel cut oats (such as McCann's or Bob's Red Mill)
4c water
Pinch of salt

Bring oats to a boil on the stove top. Reduce to simmer and stir occasionally. Cook to desired thickness.

1 tsp coconut oil (oh the health benefits!)
Sprinkle of chia seeds for extra energy
Sprinkle of dried cranberries
Sprinkle of walnuts
A few berries or sliced banana (I like blackberries)

This nutrient dense, dairy free breakfast will fuel your morning. I can attest to that. If you're breastfeeding and your baby nursed a lot over night, two bowls can easily replenish your hunger.

Jen Mayer