Three Things Mark Zuckerberg is Telling Us About Parental Leave

Over the weekend Mark Zuckerberg announced he would take two months of parental leave. Even though this is just half of the time the Facebook CEO can take, he is still making a big statement by taking this much time off.  

So what exactly IS Mark Zuckerberg telling us about parental leave in modern-day America?  We think there are three very important messages he is giving Corporate America and the American people about the needs and wants of his generation.

1.  People are PRIORITIZING Family - Including CEO’s:  Now-a-days, people are waiting longer to have children and more households have two working parents. Because of this, men and women are working hard to split family responsibilities.  Employees are looking to work for companies who understand this and who will help them to meet their goals of a healthy work/life balance.

 2.     The Work Can Wait: Compared to the amount of time a loyal employee works at a company, taking four to six months off is just a blip on the screen.  Yes, other people will need to fill in the gaps while a man or woman spends the proper amount of time at home bonding with their new baby, but this is a great time to give newer employees a crack at more responsibilities or a chance for a team to bond together and get all the work done. The point is, Facebook isn’t going blow up without Mark Zuckerberg at the helm, he knows that a good CEO has the right people in place to help him while he does the most important job he’ll ever have – parent his new baby. 

3.     Parental Leave is the New Ping Pong Table: Year’s ago, young tech companies like Facebook were tempting new talent with bonus features like ping pong tables, free beer or nap rooms.   But as this generation grows up, their needs are changing.  These perks are all still great, but if you really want your employees to be loyal and work a fifty-hour+ work week, you need to start thinking about them as adults, with growing families who need them.  Adding on services like paid parental leave, beautiful pump rooms, and in-office supports as they prepare to leave and come back after maternity or paternally leave, will grow the loyalty of your employees exponentially.

So take it from one of the most successful, ingenious millennial’s of our time, parental leave isn’t just about the time off, it’s about understanding the needs of your employees and building a team of loyal and satisfied employees.

And if you still have questions on what makes a great parental leave program and other services you should offer, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll give you all the information you need.

Jen Mayer