The ABC's of Postpartum Doulas

We get asked all the time, “what DOES a Postpartum Doula do?” This is a great question! Second time moms know just how helpful it is to have someone in the first weeks home with a baby to help with just about anything, but unfortunately its not uncommon for first time parents to have absolutely no reference point for what life with a new baby is really like. And that's okay!

We’ve put together the ABCs of Postpartum Doulas to give you a sense of the many different tasks a postpartum doula can help the new mom, baby, and family with in those love filled, yet challenging first 3 months. If you are currently pregnant, perhaps you're thinking of hiring a postpartum doula, but just aren't sure if you'll really need the help. You can file this information away, and know that it's okay to reach out and ask for help if you need it. We're here to help and many times clients hire us when their newborns are even a month old!

You can learn more about our exceptional team of Postpartum Doulas HERE:

The ABC’s of Postpartum Doulas

A-   Assess

B-   Breastfeeding support and education

C-   Confidence

D-   Dinner, (yep we cook!)

E-   Educate

F-   Friendship

G-   Guidance

H-   Healing

I-     Insight

J-   Judgment free

K-   Kangaroo Care

L-    Listening, Love and Lactation support

M-  “Mothering the Mother”

N-   Newborn Care

O-   Organize

P-    Prepare

Q-   Quiet

R-    Reality TV

S-    Support

T-    Tummy time

U-   Understanding

V-   Valuable

W-  Wearing your baby

X-    X-hale

Y-    You time

Z-    ZZZzzzzzz

Jen Mayer