A Mothers Day Reflection by Emily Crocker

Once the winter clears and spring is in bloom, motherhood takes a sharp turn out of the woods or the basement or just some place dark and cold; and well into the goodness of being alive.  It really is that dramatic (or at least it seems so) and its pretty awesome that Mothers Day is right there waiting for you to celebrate at the pinnacle of this rebirth.

My recollection of Mothers Day when I was little was simple - we’d go to church and then to the local firehouse for pancakes.  The place was packed with kids I went to school with and their families and most of my memories of that day are relative to how awkward I felt as a pre-teen and not really about how amazing it was that my mother managed to care for all three of us kids, keep our house immaculate and get three meals on the table EVERY DAY and still be sane or breathing or carry on a conversation...really just anything human.

As a mother now, I aim to celebrate mothers day in a much different way. My celebration usually consists of long sleep-ins, pastries at my bed side, a mid-afternoon cocktail and dinner delivered to my door.  On top of all of this - my husband pretty much gets the kids out of the house for the entire day so I can read or make phone calls or just sit in a quiet house.

The rest of the mothers days I recall in my past usually ended with my mother opening a present from all of us that I’m pretty sure she bought, paid for and wrapped by herself.  This kind of goes hand in hand with how I see most of my mothers celebrations for herself.  We’re all wrapped up in our own selfish behaviors while she HAPPILY lights the candles of her own birthday cake, turns off the lights and initiates the singing - which we all eventually chime into.

The more I drift into the role of mother, the wider my eyes open to a woman I can’t believe I never truly noticed before.  I can see her clearly now and she is usually at my sink washing dishes at 11pm after fielding calls from her own real estate business which she tends to 24/7, or cleaning up after my kids and ME and patiently telling my three year old that she'll bring him for ice cream soon.  She is always gentle, extremely fair and doesn't  seem to ever really need a stiff drink in the middle of the afternoon to celebrate a thankless job she has been diligently succeeding at for over FORTY YEARS.

So now, while I take the time to thoroughly enjoy MY mothers day - I am reminded that I share it with a woman I am all too lucky to call MOM.  



Baby Caravan

Me and my mom Barbara Crocker at five months pregnant with my second baby Mac.

Me and my mom Barbara Crocker at five months pregnant with my second baby Mac.

Emily Crocker is a Baby Caravan, LLC Co-Founder, mother of two and postpartum doula.  She hosts a new mothers group called Half Pint With Your Half Pint at The Back Yard in Park Slope.  Visit www.babycaravan.com/events for more info.

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