Be Patriotic and Take your Paternity Leave

There are companies now that have started to give men longer paternity leaves, some even paid.  “What an amazing thing” you may say. 

It would be if men actually took the paternity leave or were encouraged to do so.  It would be if their co-workers and managers weren’t ridiculing them for taking the leave they were so nicely given. 

So for all the men out there who are offered paternity leave – if you want to do something truly patriotic for your country – TAKE ALL THE PATERNITY LEAVE YOU ARE OFFERED and then tell all your junior associates THEY SHOULD TOO!!!

Brag about the time off you had.  Tell everyone how you were able to help your wife and bond with your new baby.  

And don’t forget to let them know that now, you feel more empowered to do a great job at work and that you feel so much more connected to your employer for letting you take that short but important time off.

For all you mama’s with partners lucky enough to have paternity leave, MAKE THEM TAKE IT!!  It’s the best thing you can do for you and your young family.

Then maybe this trend will actually pick up steam and more companies will provide Paternity Leave for more families.  God knows we need it.


The Caravan

Jen Mayer