Feeling Better About The Childcare You Pick

Being a work-at-home mother has its advantages and its disadvantages for sure.  Owning Baby Caravan gives me the advantage of making my own schedule, but the hardest part is that my children always want ME.  It doesn't matter who their baby sitter is, when I'm working from home, I'm the top pick no matter what.

Catching your children having a great time with a caregiver is very easy and very liberating.  Here are a few simple ways to do so.

1.  If your child is in daycare, pick a day to come early for pick up or leave the office at lunch and take a peek at your baby in action.

2.  If your nanny is tech savvy, have them send you a video of them playing at the park or taking a selfie.

3.  Take a minute before you enter the daycare or your house to peek in through the window.  I always love catching my kids in everyday moments with other kids in their schools.  Sometimes they're running like crazy but sometime I catch my four year old helping our sitter unload the groceries or setting the table for dinner.  These are moments I keep locked in my brain for the days when the guilt starts to penetrate.

Keep strong mama's.  You're doing the right thing.


Emily at Baby Caravan

Jen Mayer