What The Caravan Has Been Up To

This month, Baby Caravan started one-on-one coaching sessions for women going Back-To-Work.  In these sessions, we asked woman to identify their biggest concerns about going back to work.  Then, we listened.  

We listened to how women planned on dividing the household work between themselves, their partner and their caregiver.  We listened to how they felt about pumping at work and what they have done to prepare.  We listened to how they planned on feeding themselves and their family.  We listened to how supportive they thought their employer and co-workers would be.  Most of all, we listened to what kept them up at 4am.

At the end of each session - Baby Caravan devised an individually focused plan geared to alleviate stress, anxiety an guilt from each mother, because...who needs it?

Email us today at info@babycaravan.com to find out more about our one on one Back-To-Work coaching.  Also, check out our upcoming events on the right for more information on our group Back-To-Work classes.  Your sanity awaits!


Jen and Emily 

Co-Founders at Baby Caravan, LLC

Jen Mayer