10 Reasons to Hire A Birth Doula

  1. Emotional support during pregnancy: Pregnancy can be quite the ride, with so many changes happening quickly- having a doula in your corner can be the stability just about any pregnant lady needs. Feeling confused about your last Dr visit? Call your doula to talk it out and she’ll help you form a list of follow-up questions for your OB. Overwhelmed by family drama, or simply confused navigating the million baby products on the market? Your doula will help your breath, unwind, and make a plan.

  2. Preparation for after the baby is born: Your birth doula has helped many families through the pregnancy process, and perhaps has even given birth to her own children. She’s a vetted professional who can help you gather the resources, help and support you’ll need in the weeks following the birth of your baby.

  3. Guide you through the process- what to expect on the day of: Your birth doula has the unique position of having the experience of helping women in different birthing locations, and different birth scenarios through to the other side of parenthood. No matter what unfolds, your doula will be there to guide you through the process in real time, and help you prepare for what you could expect on the day of.

  4. Community resources: Doulas are connected professionals- they know the support providers in your community. If you need a massage, acupuncture, lactation support, or even a house cleaner- chances are your doula has a recommendation for you.

  5. Nonjudgmental support: Your doula is there to support you, as you find your way on your mothering journey. She’s there to offer guidance, information, support and resources as you make the decisions and choices that are right for you and your family.

  6. Continuous support during labor: This is one of the main pillars of doula support- continuous care. This means that once your doula joins you in labor, she’s with you through the duration of the labor, birth and immediate postpartum period. Having the consistency, especially in hospital births where nurses and doctors work in shifts, gives a solid anchoring for the birthing mom and her partner.

  7. On call 24/7- doula has your back: Your doula will be on call for you, 24/7- so that whenever your labor begins, she is ready and available to assist you.

  8. Support/trust during the birth: having the opportunity to create a relationship with your doula prior to the birth is huge. You know walking into your labor that you have the unconditional support and guidance of your birth doula- who will answer your call when it’s time. She’ll have your back emotionally; through physical support such as movement and comforting touch; and through informational support- such as reviewing the risks and benefits of a non emergent medical procedure. While your doula won’t make decisions for you- she is a skilled sounding board to help you navigate your care choices.

  9. Postpartum home visit: No traveling to see your doula! She comes to you. After you’re settled in at home following the birth, your birth doula will return to chat about your birth experience, check in to see how your healing is doing, offer breastfeeding assistance if needed.

  10. Someone to laugh, cry, and reminisce a wild ride with: your doula will always be someone you can reach out to, if you have questions about your birth, wish to reminisce about it, or cry if things were rough. She’ll have your back and ensure you get the support you need.

Jen Mayer